5 everyday steps you can take to prevent E.D.

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5 everyday steps you can take to prevent E.D.

Most people now know that E.D. stands for erectile dysfunction, and that it’s an incredibly common issue most men will deal with at some point. Despite this, E.D. still goes largely untreated. It can seem embarrassing, or even inevitable, and many men don’t discuss it with a health provider since they tend to delay going to the doctor anyway. But you don’t have to live with E.D., and you shouldn’t ignore it. In fact, it can be an incredibly valuable predictor of your overall health. Here are five health factors that can contribute to E.D.:

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1. Keep it moving

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Your heart has a tough job already, but when it comes to achieving an erection it has to produce six times the normal blood flow. Keep your blood vessels and heart healthy with regular exercise--walking 10,000 steps per day is a great place to start--to achieve strong erections and better health overall.

2. What’s for lunch?

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The answer can impact your erection, since excess belly fat can interfere with testosterone production and the body’s ability to send enough blood to the penis. Even a small decrease in body fat can help, so choose wisely at mealtime. GetRoman.com has some simple tips for eating healthy and shedding pounds.

3. Curb your vices

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Need another reason to quit? Men who smoke are twice as likely to experience E.D. as non smokers. Smoking damages blood vessels, which in turn impacts circulation (see #1). Likewise, alcohol can contribute to E.D. by suppressing the nervous system. Of course, quitting is easier said than done--that’s why Roman’s medical team offers free advice.

4. Sleep on it

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When long days and late nights add up, sleep is often the first thing to go. But the value of a good night’s rest can’t be overstated. Sacrificing sleep can increase your risk of cardiac events and diabetes, weaken your immune system, and decrease your testosterone--all of which hurts your sexual health.

5. Take a chill pill

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Stress: it’s inevitable, but too much of it can seriously damage your health. Unchecked stress can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. It also affects the way your brain sends messages to your body, which can affect blood flow and your erections. To achieve your best sexual health, figure out a way to shake off the stresses of the day.

While taking these steps to work toward a healthier future, many men find that medication can help with the immediate symptoms of E.D. If you're interested in getting medication prescribed online and delivered to your door, you can get started with a Roman visit.